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A tale of two (Music) websites and why using Bandcamp wins

I started writing this on Facebook while waiting for the servers to reboot/verify (overnight power outage) and then thought I would pop it here instead. Let’s start with some background (get comfy this is a bumpy ride) Every month FolkCast, put out a podcast that arrives in my MP3 player and provides 2 hours of interesting folk […]

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Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer – Re: ECM - »

Oh dear – first post for over a year and it’s more hard listening I am afraid. Parts of this album has sounds that remind me of the X-files theme (possibly one of the best tv show themes of all times – certainly one of the most instantly recognisable) and bits from my own collection. […]

Rafael Anton Irassari – Daydreaming - »

Late last  year a friend rang up in the middle of the night (well that’s what it seemed like) and played some music down the phone and asked me “who the hell is this”. The answer turned out to be Rafael Anton Irisarri’s album “Daydreaming“. I hadn’t heard of him then (that took an hour […]

Emmalee Crane – Three Six Nine Twelve - »

It’s Saturday night and I have been listening to Crux, Emmalee Crane’s debut album. It seems to inhabit the same sort of place that Rafael Anton Irassari is occupying.  A curious mix of textural washes, real instruments, circuit bent electronics, found sounds and a ton of imagination. It is helping me lose my birthday blues. […]

Stars of Track and Field - »

So I’m slow, it took me weeks to figure out why I was so instantly taken with Stars of  Track and Field’s dreamy atmospheric guitar based sound. Yep it’s their dreamy atmospheric guitar based sound. Like I said “slow” The band consists of Jason Bell – Guitar/Vocals Kevin Calaba – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards Daniel Orvik – Drums/Samples/Programming […]

Matt Gresham - »

OK. It’s guitar fetish time (give me a break, I haven’t done this for a while)

Matt Gresham is quite an amazing guitarist. If you don’t like guitars then I would move along BUT if you do , check this guy out.

So the quick version of the bio – he’s 20 years old, been gigging for over 6 years, have a couple of albums out, a third in the pipeline, plays up to five gigs a week and has a huge following

Some hype from the website…

Pulling from influences which stretch back over the past half century Matt has a truly individual original sound with a positive message. He has a joyful, infectious and exuberant style which floats his audiences from soul to the packed dance floor. Spine-tingling vocals soar above Matt’s band which combines bass guitar, percussion and drums to intensify the dynamic feel of the catchy melodies and driving rhythms.

Yves Klein Blue – Getting Wise - »

It’s been a long while since a band from Queensland impressed as much as Yves Klein Blues (named after French Dada artist Yves Klein and his wonderful piece from the 50’s “Blue – but I digress). Smart arse name aside this is band that knows how to play hard, have a listen to “Silence Is […]

Stornoway – Fuel Up - »

Unlike the members of Stornoway Jools and I have been to Lewis, and I thoroughly recommend the trip to to the band. But I digress… we are here today to recommend Stornoway (thats the band) to you. According to their web presence…. The band consists of an Ornithologist, a wannabe Russian translator, a South African […]