BinaryMind – The King of an Old Kind

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Artist: BinaryMind
Track Name: The King of an Old Kind
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Let’s head a bit out of the old comfort zone today. BinaryMind is an industrial project by Antoine and Bastien Liutkus, two french brothers living in Paris and Nantes. BinaryMind could be viewed as a dual project switching from Industrial to Ambient and back again.

Fortunately I like both genres.

The track I chose today, The King of an Old Kind is a middle ground piece. Synthesised horn fanfares lead us into chimes and then the drums kick in, and it starts to get interesting from here on in. Boris Karloff scary organs, drums and it is a wonderful piece of atmosphere. What’s fun is seeing the way the partners in crime approach their respective works and how they influence each other. This isn’t easy listening (and I can see some people say it’s not even plaesant listening) but it is interesting.

“The King of an Old Kind” is off their first CD and they grow as time passes. Babylon by Night is just so European with its heart attack drums and staccato synths, it takes awhile to get going but eventually settles into a demented march with “atmospheric” voice overs and an everything louder than everything else mix (thank god for compressors eh guys?).

All in all a good piece of fun and definitely not the kind of thing you are going to find on the local radio station (unless you live in a very lucky town).

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  1. honnored guy, her-s bastien from binarymind, thanks for this post on the king of an old kind, i was very influenced at this time by the traditionnal song of the sybylles (oracles from the basque country in france in the middle age i like a lot), anyway, you ve got a home in paris when you come to have some joints and some absynth


  2. Yeah, thanks for compressors, if you wanna hear a version of Babylon by Night with a new mastering : should be louder than the old version

    see you !

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