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Playback/Download?: NO -see the croxton records website and individual performer websites:

Croxton Tour CD Cover

Rarely do groups pieced together using individual solo performers equal the sum of their parts.
This group of three singer/song writers is not only an exception, it is a revelation – albeit with a life span limited to their current tour.

As the name suggests, THE CROXTON NEAPOLITAN SHOWCASE TOUR features the talents of three artists from the Croxton Records stable, Sarah Carroll, Dan Warner and Marcell Borrack.
All three are exceptionally talented writers and performers in their own right with new or recent releases.

Beautifully constructed harmonies, tastefull use of electric guitar by Marcel and the good sense to leave plenty of space further highlighted the quality of their songs and turned their differing styles into a strength rather than a hindrance.

The performance is very laid back, the singers letting the songs do the talking – and with songs of this calibre you wouldn’t want it any other way.

THE CROXTON NEAPOLITAN SHOWCASE TOUR began in Victoria on the 9th of June and will tour nationally, winding up in Melbourne on the 6th of August at the Prince of Wales.
Full itinerary available at

A limited edition tour CD is available at the Croxton Records website.
However no playback or downloads are available, which is a real shame given this genre gets precious little exposure from mainsteam media.
Check the dates and go!

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