SUNN 0))) – It Took The Night To Believe

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Artist: SUNN 0)))
Track Name: It Took The Night To Believe
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DISCLAIMER: You probably aren’t goint to enjoy this one, but persevere…

So if Metallica are middle of the road metal and thrash/death metal (Early Sepultura for example) are the extreme at one end. What the hell is at the other end?

I think I may have found an answer. Lets begin with with the hype from the bands BIO page on the website

SUNN 0))) is the heavy rock equivalent of an institutional-size dose of Largactyl; when you finally get down, you stay down. SUNN 0))) makes sounds of weather formation size meditations, as monolithic as a brick of monosludge. SUNN 0))) music is huge and simple, like a future race of technologists who forgot how to build microchips so had to return to factory-sized computers. Its shamanic appeal is considerably enlivened by the sub-bass disfigurations caused to all bowels in the immediate proximity, whilst the lead guitar clings to your torso like a butter knife spreading Philly Lite first on a piece of toast, then on the bread board, then across the counter over the fridge and up the walls into adjacent rooms.

That’s enough, it goes on like that for quite a bit. So from all that we discover that they feel you should play this loud (the sub bass and bowel references would be the giveaway). These guys have been called minimalist metal in a New York Times article recently, and that’s probably as good a label as any.

David Byrne wrote in his website journal

Well, it?s not the sort of music you go home humming to yourself. It?s a sensory assault ? intense and strangely pleasurable (I wore earplugs). Most of all, it?s theater, well conceived and beautifully executed ? and in perfect context (this club venue was a former church). It is also deeply ritualistic.

if you want to read the rest of Mr Byrne’s thoughts, look for 5.31.06: Heavy Theater.

“It’s not the sort of music that you go home humming”, that’s a really polite way of putting it. The sound is extremely slow and heavy, using drone guitars, feedback and other effects to create huge textural soundscapes. This isn’t a band powered by drums as there is a lack of any distinct beat.

I’m willing to bet 99% of you who clicked on the link at the top and have listened to some bits and pieces of the bands various CD’s and have come to the conclusion that “They’re kidding? Right?”.

Well actually I don’t think that they are. Minimalist composers like La Monte Young , Philip Glass and Terry Riley are heading to the same space as SUNN 0))), it’s just that the band is a coming at it from a way different direction. Honestly, this isn’t music I would have on my MP3 player as I walk along, but it is a band that I would pop in and have a listen to every once in awhile and frankly it’s way more interesting than the corporate claptrap that Metallica foist on us. But I suspect it will take a lot longer than a night to believe.

Next post you can tap your foot to… promise.

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