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Artist: Maurice Frawley & the Yardhands
Track Name: Amelia / Dirt Road
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Maurice Frawley Good Things Cover

First heard Maurice when he was playing guitar with “Paul Kelly & the Dots” in the late 70’s.
He makes no attempt to hide his musical influences, specifically Dylan, but his songwriting is strong enough to overcome any comparisons.

Maurice’s talents have long been recognised by other musicians and writers as demonstrated by the quality of the players in his bands but he has always seemed to stay just under the mainstream radar, which unfortunately says more about the quality of our media than it does of Maurice. His previous band the legendary “Working Class Ringos” formed in the early 90’s garnered a large cult following with many yet to accept the demise.

It was always going to be big shoes fill, but his new band “The Yardhands” featuring Jimmy Williams on guitar, Garret Costigan on pedal steel and Alan Brooker on bass, is an absolute cracker – as is the new album “Good Things” released in June

Two tracks from “Good Things” (Amelia / Dirt Road ) are available for download as are a couple more from earlier albums, all worth a listen.

Keep an eye out in the gig guides or via the web site, they are a great live act.

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  1. Is Maurice claiming to have written Amelia ?
    It may have come to him in a dream if he does .
    Otherwise it is a direct copy of Bob Dylan’s Alberta #1 as can be heard here :

  2. An obvious quotatation. ‘Dirt Road’ by Bob is also hinted at on that record. Ever heard anything like it? Most musicians try hard to disguise influences. Maurice may have been at the level where he knew a thinly masked song could have its own beauty.

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