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Back at the end of September last year I discovered tryad and wrote a brief post about them at ThatchSpace (my other blog).

Tryad are now (in)famous as being one of the first internationally-separated internet Creative Commons bands. They released their first album, Public Domain to critical acclaim and it is still in the Jamendo top ten albums nearly a year later. The members of Tryad – Arna, Ema, John Holowach, rjmarshall, and vavrek – met through the internet after Holowach remixed marshall’s work, and then vavrek added vocals. During 2005, for over nine months they collaborated, all without having ever spoken to each other (only e-mailed), and produced a strikingly original work.

Combining elements of trip-hop, alt rock, classical instrumentation, and electronica, Public Domain breaks the mold of what you’d expect. From the hard-thumping bass, drums, and chorus of “The Final Rewind” (which is my personal pick for best track on the album) to the chilled sixties feel of “Peace On Earth (Same Place)”. I’ll bet there’s something here for everyone to appreciate.

How did all this come to be?
Lets use Final Rewind as an example. (Keep in mind that this is all an educated guess on my part).

In March, 2005, rjmarshall puts up a piece called Tinderbox at ccMixter. (Have a listen)
and tags it media, original, sampling_plus, audio, mp3, 44k, stereo, 128kbps, electronic, drums, instrumental. It’s very pretty pretty.

Next up John Holowach hears Tinderbox and thinks to himself “not bad but it needs just a bit more…..” and so he adds some more samples
ccMixter The Final Rewind

The vavrek, arna, and emma add their bits and after a lot of bandwidth and tooing and froing across the net,then a quick polish up and after 9 months we get to hear the results of all their hard work. “Public Domain”

If you go to you can find a number of methods of acquiring the album. Play and download the MP3’s, Torrent, you name it.

And here is a track from their new album called Beauty, there are only three tracks up so farm ore to come though.

I cant wait to hear the rest of the tracks, this is so lush and full, I probably should have saved it for a “Chill piece” on Sunday but who could wait. (Remember what a bummer it was when discovered Christmas is only ONCE a year).

If you like the stuff send the band some money. They’ll think it’s Christmas.

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