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By • Oct 14th, 2006 • Category: Acoustic, Folk, Music, Renaissance, Saturday Samples

Artist: Faun
Track Name: Various
Playback: flash
Download?: No

Where do I find them eh? Another attractive and atmospheric flash website. A pretty enough splash screen and a hit or miss approach to navigation. The link to the homepage is under the banners folks. Popups everywhere. This is a very annoying website. Notice we’ve not even mentioned the music yet.

To continue (did anybody bother to test this site?)… I next clicked on the gallery link. It took me to a picture of a man surrounded by standing stones. On mouseover the stones appeared to glow, okay obviously these link to the pictures in the gallery, two did, the rest were duds. I then clicked on the “back to homepage” which promptly disappeared when I did and that’s all that happened. Not going very well so far. Had to reload the website to continue.

A lesser person would have abandoned the website, I’m told that the average surfer will wait for 10 seconds or less for something to happen. The use by on this site is well and truly over by that criteria.

And whatever you do, don’t press the back button because you will have to wait for the interminable reload again.

The text is all in uppercase and in a very pretty display typeface but totally unsuitable for the slabs of text it is used on.

Enough about the website – suffice that it was an unhappy experience, so gentle readers, please be warned.

The music represented is folk, renaissance, medieval and pagan. The samples are fairly substantial and the recordings are good. The reviews are fulsome and the band does play an astonishing array of instruments that includes a number that I have never heard of before. To listen to the samples, click on “cd’s, DVD’s & MORE” then chose one of the three albums – click on “about the CD” for the samples – you’ll see which tracks are available to listen to.

Insult to injury, they provide “press-text” that is not even text but a picture. This is where I give up.

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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