Chill: Diorama – Drowned

By • Dec 3rd, 2006 • Category: Electronica, Gothic, Music

Artist: Diorama
Website: &
Track Name: Drowned
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Not really a chill piece today but I found Diorama by accident at I had read about electro/goth and it tickled me as an idea. Don’t know why but anyway, the upside is that I found “Drowned” by Diorama.

Atmosphere meets dance, is probably a good way of putting it. Another “overnight sensation” (what me cynical… naaah) they started releasing albums back in 1999 and have turned out a bunch of interesting music ever since.

I really recommend that you check out the material on offer at the myspace site. They definitely cover a lot of musical territory but manage to remain really accessible. It’s a good trick.

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