I Spit On Your Gravy

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Track Name: FIRE

St Kilda peaked as the centre of Melbourne’s music scene in the early to mid 1980’s, before insatiable developers, rising rents and changing tastes sent many of the more interesting venues and bands packing.

“Immigrants” from the middle and outer suburbs flocked to St Kilda in droves, drawn by the nightlife, the cafes and the slightly bohemian and edgy nature of the area — then complained about the noise and the prostitutes!

Many of the venues including The Banana Lounge, The Venue and the Ballroom have long since gone, while others including The Prince of Wales and The Espy survive, albeit like St Kilda itself, more gentrified and arguably not the cutting edge they once were.

During the eighties many bands with little or no profile outside the area developed huge and loyal followings despite virtually no radio or mainstream media presence.

Between 1983 and 1988 “I Spit On Your Gravy” ruled the underbelly of St Kilda despite frequent line up changes and even more frequent run ins with the law.

Fronted by Fred Negro, the Gravies attempted, very successfully, to re define bad taste and their shows were often chaotic, but always full of energy and plenty of black humour.

This version of “Fire” originally a number one hit in 1968 for “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” was recorded in 1984 at recorded in 1984 at The Prince of Wales.

Shot by a punter in the crowd with a hand held domestic camera, sound and vision are of poor quality but perfectly capture the mood of the times —– try setting yourself alight and walking into the crowd at a venue today!

The music may not necessarily be to your taste, but as a piece of historical footage it’s priceless.

(A professionally shot film clip for the band’s single “Piranha” was also on youtube until recently but unfortunately I have been unable to track it of late. If you have better luck let me know)

(There is also a presence at www.myspace.com/thegravies )

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  1. Check out myspace.com/ispitonyourgravy Lots of pics and videos!

  2. I f**ken love the gravies and lost my only cassette copy years ago…f**kin brilliant…ding ding 🙂 .. any links to where I can find their music would be sick.

    Blue Wolf …. during the vietnam war…the army assigned me..to train these fish..in fresh water…to…. be more…aggressive you see

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