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Artist: Joe Frawley
Track Name: Tangerine
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Joe Frawley is not a musician in the conventional sense, more performance artist than anything else. He specialises in soundscapes as explained by his website:

Joe Frawley’s Sound Collages are intended to blur the boundary between music and sound art. Using found sounds, field recordings, recontextualized speech, and samples from classical music (e.g., Ravel’s Introduction and Allegro, and Peter Warlock’s The Curlew) the composer has created challenging yet accessible sound compositions with a hypnotic dream-like quality. Musical episodes merge with bells, birds, wind, and other ambient sounds as ghostly voices rise, fade, and recur according to their own dream logic. The final result is an intangible yet coherent experience of fleeting mental images the composer compares to “a mystical radio station that broadcasts from the subconscious.”

When I came across his website – my first thought was to slide it over to Thatch as a chill piece but after listening to the tracks I can honestly say that they brought a smile to my face. Interesting sound samples juxaposed with snatches of melody and spoken word.

The excerpt from his 2007 release Tangerine is quite lovely, haunting and wistful. Listen to it with a good pair of head phones.

Joe Frawley Music – Audio Releases

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