Apparat – Burn & Consume

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Artist: Apparat
Track Name: Burn & Consume
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I know it’s Sunday, a I know that we usually do a “Chill” piece but Apparat sort of sideswiped me.

According to the small bits I can find out , Sascha Ring, aka Apparat, left the boonies of eastern German and arrived in Berlin around 1997. His interesting style is about halfway between the British (read Manchester) and the Laptop (read American) techno /electro/ dance/club music.

He has a deft hand at talking different genres and repurposing them for his own needs. The track I chose, “Burn & Consume” is a live recording from a gig in Barcelona (2003). I like the way it begins, assembled from clicks and pulses, generating crossed up rhythms that insinuate themselves rather than jump up and grab you by the throat and say look at me. They do show up later but this is really so well arranged that it constantly intrigues and delights.

Don’t get me wrong this is not easy listening but it is interesting and worth a listen.

There are some more pieces over at the website if you feel inclined to see what else he has to offer.

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