TranceVision – Enertia

By • May 20th, 2007 • Category: Chill, Music, Techno

Artist: TranceVision
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Track Name: Enertia
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This I fell in love with from the first guitar notes, it took me back to Dave Gilmour in the “Wish You Were Here” era, my favourite Floyd album of all time… bar none. Well Trance Vision do a pretty cool job of job of messing with your head with their music.

This is a band that is roaming all over the place, groove based tchno, ambient excusions and they have a unique sound largely thanks to Great Rose who is their vocalist. The way the voice is used as an instrument is really interesting and well done, but for me it is the the killer grooves that capture me.

Strong Production, good ideas, interesting textures and a good ear for for a groove. Well worth a look and here is a link to the Magnatune site so you can check out the whole album.

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