Andy Caldwell – Warrior

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Artist: Andy Caldwell
Track Name: Warrior
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Andy Caldwell has produced a truly lush, downtempo gem in Warrior and as a bonus there is a re-rub by Andy that turns it into an uptempo house tune… the kick drum sound just kills.

“So why is this here?” I hear you ask. Good question, the answer is that I became fascinated by the remix and what makes it special is that both versions are equally as valid.

So head over to the myspace site and have a listen to both.

Which one works for you?

For me it’s the remix, but that’s me.

Here is some hype….

Universal Truth
Om Records

My aim since I began working on music back in 1992 has always been to create something that can stand the test of time, timeless. The majority of my favorite music has been in rotation for many years, it still sounds good. I can listen to Bob Marley, Depeche Mode or Miles Davis and in an instant be transported into their work. Universal Truth evolved out of my desire to create a whole body of work, an album, which I can sit back and listen to. I really just created this record for myself. I wasn’t really thinking about marketing or genre. I merely wanted a body of music that I really loved…

I also like this remix he did of Ryan Yoshimoto’s “Du What U Du

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