Saturday Samples – La Venexiana

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Artist: La Venexiana
Track Name: Rosa del ciel
Playback: stream – samples

Hailed by some as the best Italian madrigal choir of their generation. Their interpretation of the madrigal form is expressive and refined.

The word madrigal unavoidably conjures to mind 16th and 17th century Italy, scene of the development of one of the most fascinating musical genres in musical history. Born as a poetic form in the 14th century, together with the ballata, the sonetto, and the caccia, the Italian madrigal was recovered at the beginning of the 16th century by Flemish composers who travelled to Italy to instruct the more modest Mediterranean musicians; who, in turn, would not take long to surpass their Northern masters.

I’ve recently been introduced to these beautiful recordings. The website for this group includes a few select pieces, try Ahi cruda sorte mia from one of their album series of late 16th century composer LUZZASCO LUZZASCHI – Quinto Libro di Madrigali as an example. (Yes, they have series of albums from various composers – their are 16 listed in their discography.)

Don’t make the mistake of navigating away from the page of the track you are listening to, or the stream may be rudely interrupted.

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