Red Motor Dog – The Desert Riders

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Artist: Red Motor Dog
Track Name: The Desert Riders
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Red Motor Dog are four piece Grunge/Southern Rock from Rekjavik, Iceland. Yes, that Iceland, the one way, way, way up north and it’s nowhere near Alabama. (If you check out Google maps you will see it’s a long way but I digress…)

So now that we have worked out where they are geographically speaking, lets have a look at where their musical head is at, here is a list of role models that the band has on it’s website…

Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, TOOL, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Motorhead, Pantera, Black Label Society, Zakk Wylde, DOWN, Ted Nugent, Opeth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Uriah Heep, JERRY CANTRELL, Mountain, Fu Manchu, Lamb Of God, Dozer, Mastodon, Nebula, High on Fire, Stone Temple Pilots, Thin Lizzy, Alabama Thunderpussy, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Deep Purple, Unida, Clutch, Hellacopters, Captain Beyond, Jimi Hendrix, Cactus, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Chris Cornell, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, Rainbow, Meshuggah, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Van Halen, Rolling Stones, CCR, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Mad Season, Grand Funk Railroad, ZZ Top, The Beatles, Bad Company, The Doors, Megadeth, Jet Black Joe, Black Crowes, Sepultura, Incubus, Chimaira, HAM, Nirvana, Steppenwolf and many many more…

Hmmm, I don’t see a lot of sensitve new age emo there. Yep I think it’s a pretty safe bet that these guys are loud, very loud, very loud and shall we say aggressive?

“The Desert Riders” is my pick from it’s Jimmy Page styled “scary music” intro and then when the vocals and that classic rock sound kicks in, I’m sold. Really good production on the vocals, it makes a change to be able to hear what is going on and the guitar sounds are full of Les Pauls and Marshall amps… ah nostalgia.

Yes, there are probably a million bands around the world doing this style of music, I rather like this lot.

By the way “Wake Up” is a rather nice boogie with some tasty guitar, in the Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy (both if whom are missing from the list above) mould. Treat yourself. It’s Monday, turn it up and get the week off to a great start.

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