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Artist: Quantica
Track Name: Out There
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There was a request during the week for some trance music. Ever willing to help out I found Quantica, a Psychedelic Trance project based in Ibiza, Spain. Quantica came into existence when two neighbors, Eric Mokotoff and Martin Brooks, after months of hearing weird noises and twisted beats coming from the house next door, finally made contact and decided to make a track together.

“Out There” is the opening track on their album “Astrobiology” and it moves along quite nicely. The production is very good and they do have a love of their weird noises. The band have been performing live for some years now and the album shows it.

Its taken a some time to finally get our material sounding the way we want and actually get tracks properly finished. Partly due to other work obligations and partly in having to learn a lot about technical studio stuff. Now we to feel like our music style is starting to take shape, and we have a small but continuous list of upcoming live events to prepare for and that is keeping us inspired to make more time for what we really want to be doing, making killer choons:)

Our current material is most probably described as morning style trance with dashes of full on trance, sometimes a bit progressive and sometimes quite funky and groovy. We are now working on some new tracks which are a little darker and faster.

The new album is called Astrobiology and is available from the bands website at or you can listen to the album here courtesey of Jamendo.

I will diggup some more for next Sunday.

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