Chill: Magnatune – The Art of Persuasion

By • Aug 26th, 2007 • Category: Chill, Downtempo, Music

Art of Persuasion Cover

A bit of a diversion today, last week when I was checking out Ambient Teknology I noticed that Magnatune had put together a downtempo compilation called The Art of Persuasion. It’s not bad.

There are a tracks by some artists that we have chatted about in the past like
Liquid Zen
, Burning Babylon and some Lisa DeBenedictis remixes, as well as the afore mentioned Ambient Teknology.

Some of you may have run into the early Buddha Bar CD’s, if you have this would be a perfect CD1… the dinner and drinks one. (If you haven’t run into them before, they came as a two CD set. CD1 was a more subdued affair as a rule and CD2 was full on party. The musicians were just same as the Magnatune people, amazingly talented. And the recordings were of a pretty high standard as well).

So have a listen to The Art of Persuasion and let me know what you think.

I should add that we have no commercial arrangements with Magnatune apart from loving the music they supply.

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