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This is possibly more of the “hard music” category, Mark Dwinell is one of the founding guitarists of Bright, who have been assembling amazing edifices of sound since the mid Nineties (think Sonic Youthmeets Can or Faust).

But we are here to talk about nonloc and here we turn up an aesthetic that would be familiar to say Terry Riley, Steve Reich and equally comfortable with the minimalist school of Kraftwerk and Harmonia among others. Repetition is the key, the sound of the guitar forms an almost ambient wash and hidden away a the minute changes as the piece progresses. As I said it’s “hard listening”

Nonloc seeks to focus on the microtonal universes and hypnotic netherworlds minimalism awakens from repetition, while constructing ivory towers of melody enveloped top to bottom with softly barbed hooks. Acoustic and electric guitars provide focus instrumentation, but the elaborate color accumulation of Between Hemispheres is dominated by alternate layering of acoustic instruments such as piano, accordion, mandolin, and cello. Whereas Bright will use vocals sparingly as instrumental color, Nonloc spices up the instrumental forays by peppering tunes with lyrics that are direct and at times strikingly personal.

The music was recorded at his home in Brooklyn and initially recorded on 4-track cassette, then transferred to a digital 8 recorder and overdubbed.

The one that really get’s me is basically eight tracks of ebowed guitars tuned in Just intonation. called “Justebow3”, it reminds me of things I did a long time a go with a vacuum cleaner, some milk bottles and a tape echo. Then I discovered computers, but that would be another story.

Basically, you are unlikely to walk away humming any of this but you will hopefully find it interesting.

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