Molly Bancroft – Tracking Treasure Down

By • Sep 4th, 2007 • Category: Music, Pop, Rock, Techno

Artist: Molly Bancroft
Track Name: Tracking Treasure Down
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Molly Bancroft

“Tracking Treasure Down” is probably not indicative of Molly Bancroft’s usual work EXCEPT for the voice, I heard this on an internet radio station and just had to find out out who it was. I thought it was something from Imogen Heap/Frou Frou . How wrong could you be.

“Tracking Treasure Down” isa collaboration with DJs Gabriel and Dresden and is a great piece of pop, Her voice is wonderful, it leaves you with a feeling that there is so much more to come, a feeling of controlled power, just waiting to be let loose. Have a listen to “Get Closer” or ‘”, you can hear the feeling that she has put into the songs. And I should point out that these are better songs, a lot less production getting in the way .
I find myself liking her work a lot, I like the way she handles the guitar roles, I like the way she constructs a song and I especially like the way she takes chances… both with her collaborators and her music.

Not to be missed. You can score a copy of her album at CDBaby

Update: “Forgotten Angel” off her newish album Red Dirt Diaries has been getting played a lot ( actually a hell of a lot) on the MP3 player. You can check it out at Daemon Records.

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