The Orange Lights – Click Your Heels

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Artist: The Orange Lights
Track Name: Click Your Heels
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The Orange Lights are an indie outfit currently hailing from Newcastle. So what makes the m worth mentioning?

Have a listen to “Click Your Heels”, too clever by half lyrics, a vocalist who can actually enunciate, yummy guitars (have a listen to the title track of their album “Life Is Beautiful”) and gorgeous lush production. Really, I ask you… what else do you need?

Nownot being one to be deceived by the classy arrangements and sophisticated vocals, a quick look under the hood shows that there is a real powerhouse driving this band. Vocally and lyrically, anyway.

Pop music comes from many different places. Some of it comes from happy accidents; a lot of it comes from the programmed, laboratory environment of a hit factory. Very occasionally, great pop music comes from somewhere deeper within the soul. So it is with The Orange Lights. Their epic, widescreen guitar soul has melodies that scare the sky and words that come laden with meaning and tug at the heartstrings. One listen and there’s every chance you’ll be hooked. This was definitely the case for fabled Coldplay producer Ken Nelson, who ignored the pile of lucrative offers from major artists and chose instead to work with The Orange Lights when they were still unsigned. Nelson felt – and responded to – the band’s music and their passion.

Jason Hart (vocals and guitar), Ewan Warden (guitar), Chris Gittins (bass), Paul Tucker (keyboards), Alex Lucas (drums) have created a ripper band and somehow I don’t see them “clicking their heels and vanishing”… damn they write a good song.

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