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Artist: Reg Keating
Track Name: Old Oak Tree
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Reg Keating is the unlikely name for an Irish writer of celtic based new age music. Reg already had a series of children’s books based on retellings of Irish legends when, in his forties he started to learn to play the keyboard and began writing songs and then successfully published records in diverse genres under different names.

I found him initially wearing his guise as Dagda. Dagda plays a new age style of celtic folk. Many songs are quite good. Like much new age music though, it suffers from the tendency to take itself much too seriously. The music is orchestrated, synthesized and manipulated and the result is on the whole suitable aural wall paper when you need to take a break from, say, Bruce Springsteen.

Dagda is an Irish duo comprising songwriter / producer Reg Keating and programmer / producer Phillip O’Reilly. They began working together at Owl studio in Dublin, Ireland during 1997 and quickly established a good musical partnership. Phillip plays keyboard and guitar while Reg plays keyboards and a selection of Irish flutes and whistles. For most of their productions, they engage additional top session musicians and vocalists to give them the exact sounds they are looking for.

Another of his assumed musical personas is the New Ireland Orchestra about which Reg says, “The marketing people correctly figured that “The New Ireland Orchestra” would sell better than “Reg Keating”. They were obviously correct because the first four albums achieved platinum status in Ireland and had another great run in Germany on the Madacy label. The final two albums in the series were released under my own name and only achieved Gold status. Everybody agrees they were the best in the series but there you are – it’s all about image.”

The website is awful in both Netscape and Firefox. There is a link to his music – mp3’s in a menu (pick a menu any menu) on the left of the screen, choose the kind of music you’d like to hear and have a listen.

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