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Artist: Feist
Website: www.myspace.com/feist or www.listentofeist.com/
Track Name: 1234
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Feist Cover

Sorry no Chill bit today. Today is “exorcise the demons” day, ever since that bloody iPod ad hit the television at saturation level I find myself with this song popping up as a soundtrack to my day and night and all the bits in between… infectious is not the word for it.

So for all the people who thought it was Shania Twain. WRONG. The singer of this insidous tune is Leslie Feist, BUT you do get brownie points as they are both Canadians.

“1234” is just another piece of pop with a killer band driving it. The piano player and the banjo are just priceless. It brings to mind Contessa by Thea Glimore and like her she has more than just one song, I really recommend that you have a listen to the stuff that is available there. “Water” is so ethereal and delicate that I could almost shoe horn it in to the Chill category.

So to finish of here is the the clip and it is just so silly…

And just in case you are interested. NO.The iPod indoctrination campaign didn’t make me go out and by one, but I am putting in an order at Basement for the new Feist album. I suggest you do the same.

Update: Feist are playing at the Laneway Festival here in Melbourne Sunday February 24th. Sadly all sold out (bummer).But here is a live performance from Europe 2 TV & Sequence SDP presentent: Feist-Trabendo Session.

It features Leslie Feist, Julian Brown, Jesse Baird & Bryden Baird and was recorded December 16, 2005 in Paris, France. the two songs are “1234” aka “Sally’s Song” (S. Seltmann/L. Feist) from the album “The Reminder” by Feist (Arts & Crafts, Polydor, Cherry Tree/Interscope 2007) and “Mushaboom” (L. Feist) from the album “Let It Die” by Feist (Arts & Crafts & Polydor 2004, Cherry Tree/Interscope 2005)


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