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Artist: B-Side Players
Website: www.bsideplayers.com
Track Name: Fire In the Youth
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Karlos "Solrak" Paez frontman for B-Side Players

B-Side Players from San Diego California have just snuck their way in under my radar with the soulful track Fire In The Youth a combination of syncopated salsa rhythms and Marley inspired Jamaican reggae vocals.

The music of the band’s frontman, and songwriter Karlos “Solrak” Paez explores diverse beats from many styles of music including funk, afrobeat, reggae roots and latin to mention just a few. The band is backed up by a fine percussion and horn sections.

Since 1994 this eight piece band have been playing their politically thoughtful and inspiring music. Their latest release is their first to be released on a major and is a great example of the cultural and musical endowment that these multicultural musicians can bring.

Highly recommended and hopefully the beautiful and uplifting music won’t be overlooked. Just a quick note from Billboard:

Who can throw down references to Emiliano Zapata, Victor Jara and Che Guevara on the opening track of an album and make it sound like a war cry for the most fun party of revolutionaries ever? Though the B-Side Players’ first release on Concord Records … is deadly serious about lifting up La Raza, the music is never secondary to the message.

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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