The Morrighan

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Artist: The Morrighan
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Track Name: Wilderness
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I honestly have no idea how I stumbled on this, but bloody hell this band could solve the energy crisis. I was totally floored when I discovered this was actually a band, not just some guy in his bedroom with a ton of toys (nothing wrong with being just some guy in his bedroom with a ton of toys but it rarely attains the intensity this band generates).

The Morrighan’s music does a shopping trip through genres at high speed, you can find electro, classical, techno/rock and trance, all mashed up and something really interesting comes out at the other end. Jon-X’s vocals remind me of early Genesis era Peter Gabriel in places.

Sadly the video I found first, which was distorted and the people shooting it are having a great old time has been removed and replaced with the more sanitised version below.

Wilderness is all about sound and texture, it’s an evocative journey through a landscape populated by firm beats, solid bass, an even more solid drummer and interesting vocals. Check out their website and have a listen to Paper Tigers 2007 and Cecily Fays vocals. You will be left wondering why we don’t hear more of this band.

Highly recommended.

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