Goat – Moon Rises

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Artist: Goat
Website: www.myspace.com/goatisevil
Track Name: Moon Rises
Playback: flash
Download?: No (pity)

Jools sent me this yesterday with a note that read “One for You”… however did she guess.

This is another for the hard listening” file. So if you are looking for something jolly, try this from Shortwave Dahlia more about them next week. So back to the main event here.

Goat is a trio that plays what I grewup knowing as free music. Here is what they call it…

This Seattle-based trio has the unique ability propel the music forward with their sharp harmonic and rhythmic sensiblility, motivic development and their willingness to embrace spontaniety. With a unique arsenal of loops and electronic gadgetry combined with woodwinds, electric guitar and drumset, Goat embarks on a process that runs elements of rock, jazz and modern classical music through an abstract filter and spits them out into a unique blend, destroying any notion of eclecticism, and creating a unique soundtrack for the imaginations of everyone.

Now this stuff isn’t every ones cup of tea but Moon Rises is just so evocative, these guys are channelling the same spirits that drive Oregon and Weather Report and MMW. This is music that just jumps from their brain to yours with very little getting in the way. I love stuff like this as part of a well balanced musical diet. Too much indie pop and you need a band like this to get you regular againand open up your ears to the possibilities that live in between the frets.

I wish the tracks were longer and that there were more of them but I also wish I could win the lottery.

Have a listen but handle with care.

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