Anchorsong – Breathe Breathe Me

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Artist: Anchorsong
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Track Name: Breathe Breathe Me
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Anchorsong EP Cover

Anchorsong is the solo project by Masaaki Yoshida from Tokyo, Japan. He comes from Tokyo’s underground live music scene. Armed with an Akai MPC2000XL and a Korg Triton he builds up the songs layer by layer, right in front of the audience and the audience seem to find the process fascinating to watch and it sounds amazing.

It’s dance music with a pedigree that follows the Hip Hop, House, Techno, Electronica line, it’s not Rock music. But he plays live on stage, no computer. He actually hits his “instruments” physically, it’s not perfect and some of the chances he takes don’t always come off just like any other live band and but he is reacting to the music he creates as he creates it. I admire that.

He made his international reputation mainly through his uploads to YouTube. In this one he is performing with a string quartet…

Not everyone’s cup of tea but I found him interesting.

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