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Artist: The Fiery Furnaces
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Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces are a U.S. indie rock band formed in Brooklyn, New York, in 2000. The band’s primary members are Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger. And they were recently written up in the

New York Times:
With a Torrent of Lyrics, Daring the Fans to Keep Up
Published: November 5, 2007
At a time when indie bands and their devotees are worried about short, blog-enabled cycles of hype and backlash, the Fiery Furnaces have decided to reward their fans by overwhelming them.

It was a good review and piqued the old curiosity, so a quick trip to the their MySpace site and there was “Single Again” a killer live track that made me go Hmmm and then head to their website at

A quick rummage and I find a trio of songs that are thematically related on the subject of “Unhelpful husbands, uncomfortable shoes, underwhelming messages of inconclusive import from the back of Beyond, sisterly suppression from seemingly submergedly Sapphic spiritual supervisors: All these and air-conditioned buses combine to make things difficult for the Lady Writer in this day and age”

and Matthew has written technical notes as well…

“Duplexes of the Dead” features an Univox electric guitar mic’ed with a AKG 414 (right on the strings, not on an amp) through an ARP 2600 synthesizer set on a standard patch given in the old how-to book. The strings during the drum solos and the winds in the key change are one of the old Chamberlins at Key Club Recording studio. The “dead” drum kit which plays during the third verse has it’s snare pitched down quite a bit by the frequency mod of another synth (at Soma E.M.S.).

Here is a band with a strange perspective and an interest in the details. This is going far to well, so when I headed to Google and I discovered that back in 2006 NPR recorded a concert and posted it at NPR Music: Fiery Furnaces in Concert well that was just the proverbial icing.

Sorry this is a turning into such a long haul but it allows you to come to grips with their unique vision. Too my mind a straight line from a to b is always just a tad suspect. The “road less travelled” is merely this bands opening bid as they head off into the unknown. Fortunately they are taking us along.

Way too much fun, don’t miss them.

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