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Artist: Ancient Brotherhood
Album Name: The Magic And Beauty Of Sedona
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Vortex Rhythms album cover

Ancient Brotherhood is a collaboration between founder Gerald Markoe the composer and Navajo flutist A. Brent Chase. Electronica meets New Age flute somewhere in the new millennium. The music is an interesting blend of old and new with some chanting and vocalising thrown into the mix.

Ranging from soothing to energetic the music plunders cultures far and wide to provide an eclectic mix of sounds and rhythms. They have six albums to their name and of those the most striking (based on the samples provided on Fsongs is Vortex Rhythms.

People come from everywhere to feel the vortex of energy in Sedona, Arizona. This album re-creates the incredible experience with a rhythmic and energetic blend of Native American, flamenco and New Age music elements. Native drums and flutes mix with Spanish guitars and the celestial sounds of synthesizers to express the energy and magic of this special place. Having spent many summers here, Gerald Markoe, founder of Ancient Brotherhood, designed the music on VORTEX RHTYHMS to balance and renew your energy whether you’re listening to it, dancing to it or using it in sacred ceremonies.

Further samples are on their website and for the album Where The Earth Touches The Stars samples can be found at the Electronic MP3 Portal.

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