Wooden Shjips – Shrinking Moon for You

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Artist: Wooden Shjips
Website: www.myspace.com/woodenshjips
Track Name: Shrinking Moon for You (edit)
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Every so often you stumble across a piece of music or a band that remind you why you started playing guitar. Wooden Shjips is one of those bands. Now I won’t kid you, this isn’t nice safe indie pop we are playing with today. This is hard listening.

Wooden Shjips are a guitar based band, their MySpace site classes them as “Psychedelic / Trance / Garage” and that’s pretty damn close. I get the feeling that their work ethic is, plug the guitar into a fauzz box, then plug that into another fuzz box and then plug that into a guitar amp on 11 and then plug that into a fuzz box just to be sure that nothing escaped unscathed and to get the perfect amount of feedback.

This is trance music for and by a guitar nut, it would be easy to just dismiss it as noise but it is played with such purpose that I am left convinced that this has carefully and artfully constructed. You aren’t going to get the precise soulful playing of an Eric Clapton but there is stuff going on here that warrants a look. There are traces of Hawkwind, earl Jefferson Airplane and the Doors (not the singles, the darker stuff that seemed to lurk on Side 2 of the albums) in the sound but this is probably just my imaginings.

Recommended, especially if you are at all of a curious nature… like Alice.

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