Chill: Greg Baumont – Light A Rainbow (featuring Tukan)

By • Dec 23rd, 2007 • Category: Chill, Creative Commons, Music, Trance

Artist: Greg Baumont
Website: or
Track Name: Light A Rainbow (featuring Tukan)
Playback: mp3
Download?: No longer available on Jamendo

Today we will have a look at Greg Baumont and his remix using Tukan’s acapella of “Light a Rainbow”. A slick and sophisticated arrangement that oozes craft. The backings are so understated and yet so musically intriguing especially with the contrasts between the acoustic and electric guitars.

His 2004 piece “The New Day” is an attempt at a worldfusion/rock ballad with vocals from the middle-east via a vocoder. The sounds and textures that he offers are symphonic but the song works (well it does for me).

Greg Baumont has a deft touch, a great imagination and it should be noted that he is an ardent supporter of Creative Commons licenses. There is a lot more music on offer at both his site and teh Jamendo site, it will take you a while to get through it but it is worth having a look and sampling a few of the tracks on offer. Another one that has been on the MP3 player for a while is “Why“.

Highly Recommended.

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  1. Hello,

    can you help me out? im looking for this guys Mp3 for this song

    Light A Rainbow (featuring Tukan)

    Would love to own this

    Your page says I can download but I cant seem to find the link to do so?

    Thank you!!!!


  2. Hi Mike,

    The track was available for download back in 2007. I suggest you contact the artist and see if you can get a copy from him.

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