The Aviators – Funky Holiday

By • Jan 17th, 2008 • Category: Indie, Music, Soul

Aviators CD Cover Timing as they say is everything. I was watching some Woodstock clips on YouTube and waxing nostalgic about how good it all sounded. It never ceases to amaze me how many bands that movie introduced me too. Santana and Sly and The Family Stone were just amazing. I am sure that Sly was the first full on funk act I had ever heard and the live footage from Woodstock just blew me away (both then and still today). But I digress.

I was handed a copy of the New Zealand band (until they get famous and then they will be an Australian band) The Aviators first CD and told to have a listen. I am so glad I did. Stroll over to their myspace site at and listen to “Funky Holiday“. They certainly play Funk and Yep. Sly Stone would drop into this band and feel right at home.

The groove “Funky Holiday” has is just fabulous, killer guitars, super tight horns, a rhythm section to die for and the vocals are just so spot on. Oh yes this will be staying on my MP3 player for awhile. I truly had forgotten how much fun listening to funk was.

While you are at the MySpace have a listen to “Movin Live” as well. More of the same but just a bit rawer and they seem to be pushing the edges a bit harder. The drummer also gets a bit more room to stretch out and they seem to head off in some interesting directions.

I believe that they are trying to decide whether to come to Oz or goto Germany (that has to be a “no brainer”), if we a lucky enough to get them for a while they are well worth keeping an eye out for.


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