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Foley is one of those odd abberations that you find every so often. This trio are producing some very interesting music. “Doppelganger Desire” is one of those tracks that has been on my MP3 player since September last year and I am still trying to make my mind up about it. I know I like it, because it’s still getting listened to, I just can’t figure out why.

Head over to their MySpace site at and fire up “Doppelganger Desire“. It starts out and I find myself immediately hooked by the vocals, all sampled repeats and backed by some lovely textures and a very analog bass sound.

Here is some stuff from their site…

Foley emerged in Gravesend, Kent during the early 2000’s when Richard Lock, Mark Thompson and David Collins came together with the idea of self producing a multi-styled musical album in their very own bed rooms! The Foley three, who have been friends since high school, created everything from scratch with no outside influences and only using local music talents to add vocals and other instruments to the mix.

Now I have to admit that this appeals to me as an approach. Homemade / handmade music, a variety of voices, really high production values, good ideas and it all just works. Hmm I may have just answered why I am still listening to it. Have a listen and see what you think.


The band also have a presence at where you can hear some more of their 18 track EP

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  1. Hey im Rich from foley!. thanks for the comments, im glad you liked our strange music!. check out my new duo act called “LO” @
    or for any other details of my other bands/acts visit

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