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Jamison Young

Jamison Young hails from Australian and is currently touring around Europe playing his music, it sounds like a he’s a modern day troubadour travelling with a guitar and a harmonica But rhythmically he is plugged into a more fundamental feel.

How Far” is a truly wonderful piece of modern pop. It has busy production, really wonderful playing, understated vocals and like Leslie Feist’s “1234” sticks in your brain like glue. And then there’s Top of the Hill (it has done the rounds of JJJ and some of the community stations here in Australia… which I managed to miss). A very produced piece with layers of vocals, precision drums that remind me of Kraftwerk (but that’s probably me), mile a minute lyric and then lush Europop strings to round it off, it’s a hoot. For me though How Far is the better song but there is something about the rest of the tracks that is worth a look.

Both of these songs come from his 2005 album “shifting sands of a blue car”. His songs are mainly about his travels, the places and the people he meets. A modern day Sal Paradise or Dean Moriarty with a guitar instead of a pen.

You can check out the rest of his album at www.jamisonyoung.com/.
His MySpace site is at www.myspace.com/jamyoung

Highly recommended.

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