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It’s funny how easily it is for me to get sidetracked. As a for instance, I was checking out an Iranian artist to bring to you today and instead he will be held over till next week.

Why? You may well ask. Put yourself in my shoes and imagine hearing a piece of music that plugs itself into your brain and then storms your senses. I had one of those experiences this drizzly Melbourne evening.

I was listening to a a new age compilation called “Namasté” released in 2003 by an indie label called Real Music. You can listen to samples from the album both at Real Music or even more samples at Amazon. I also quote from their website:

Within contemporary sacred, or new age, music are contained patterns that stimulate the body to awaken and release a vibration. The music ostensibly is coming from the outside into the ear but actually permeates the body, causing the body to “sing” a different resonance, an awakening and cocooning vibration. This vibratory stimulus provides enormous benefits on its own and is particularly powerful when combined with other stress-relieving and rejuvenating therapies such as massage, yoga, reiki, tai chi and so forth.

Myself being a particularly non spiritual as well as an out and out skeptic was moved to introspection by the piece called “End of Suffering”. It is a delicate and uplifting piece that had the goosebumps running footraces from the inside out. So I pilfered their podcast for your listening pleasure. The track in question “End of Suffering” is the very first. Enjoy.

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I have no idea if the above benefits resulted but I commend the vocals of Buddist Phap Niem and music by Gary Remal Malkin to you. To be fair the album has a number of evocative tracks but for me this is the standout.

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