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Masaaki Yoshida _ Anchorsong

Anchorsong has been sitting in my too hard basket for a few months while I decided if I want to review the act or pass it on to my co-contributer. After a not very inspiring day at work I sat and had another listen to this act. I’ve decided that Anchorsong isn’t nearly as hard as I first thought.

Anchorsong is the brainshild of Masaaki Yoshida from Tokyo Japan. Anchormusic is a solo project and Massaaki uses an AKAI MPC2000XL and KORG Triton to create live dance music. After performing in Tokyo for a few years he has moved his act to London where he now performs.

Of his music, Masaaki says:

It’s a dance music inspired by Hip Hop, House, Techno, Electronica, and so on, but when he comes to perform on the stage, he doesn’t use any computer. He sticks to play “instruments” phisically like a rock band. Every song develops dramatically and sounds like almost “pop” music.

Watch the clip for “Devil’s Clap” to see how he works. No computers, just heaps of samples and loops. His music is actually quite refreshing and often has an energy that most electronica lacks – probably because Anchorsong performs live. Worthy of a listen.

Artist: Anchorsong
Track Name: Devil’s Clap
Playback: flash video
Download?: No

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