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I think it is safe to say that summer is finally at an end over here on the sunny side of the planet and it is the Easter long weekend as well. I’ve just spent a rewarding day taking a craft lesson with an inspiring teacher and doll artist, and I’m feeling self satisfied.

So I wanted my offering on this lovely Autumn weekend to be something in keeping with the season. It’s a very round about route that brings me to the Ogmore Valley Male Voice Choir or as it is in Welsh – Côr Meibion Cwm Ogwyr under the musical diection of Eira Paskin. Let’s just say that the music suits my mellow mood this chilly Friday evening.

I work with an extraordinary woman of the Welsh persuasion who told me about singing in a Welsh choir. There are a few of them out there and I have chosen this particular choir with no agenda in mind other than that they are Welsh and they are a choir.

Ogmore Valley Male Voice Choir

The Ogmore Valley , which is found in the heart of the South Wales valleys, has had a proud history in being a provider of musical entertainment over the past one hundred years. However, with the decline of the mining industry, came a decline in the choral activities of the area. In 1982, a number of friends who had an interest in male voice choir music, decided it was time for the valley to be placed back on the map of Welsh Choral Music. Under the guidance of the late Glyn Stephens as musical director, and Jean Davies as accompanist, they set about building up the choir’s membership and repertoire. The choir has developed over the years,2007 being its twenty fifth birthday.

Saturday Samples indicates that the available music consists of brief passages from a selection of tunes taken from the albums that they have for sale. I recommend the track Myfanwy (as featured in Very Annie Mary, a feature film released in May 2001.) So happy listening and happy Easter all.

Artist: Ogmore Valley Male Voice Choir
Website: website.lineone.net/~phildavies/choir.html
Playback: mp3/flash Samples only
Download?: Yes

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