Grand Analog – Around This Town

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Grand Analog - Odario Williams

Grand Analog have been classed as “rap ’n’ roll dub and soul”. It’s actually not a bad description. The band is fronted by Odario Williams. Members include Darcy Ataman, Damon Mitchell, Ofield Williams, Alister Johnson and Warren Bray.

The thing I like about them is the left of center take on urban music. Head over to and have a listen to a couple of tracks, Start with “Around This Town“, there is a lot of music lying under the surface here. Bass lines and grooves that just keep pushing at the edges and the vocals and subject matter aren’t the usual fare. Usually with most of this style of music I just hit the next button, there is a just a sameness about it all that doesn’t keep my interest, but these guys have managed to survive a couple of months on the MP3 player.

“Back in the day, if Grand Analog had come out, we would have been tagged as some weird, alternative hip-hop thing and I’d be touring with Arrested Development. Now, especially with all the mash-ups, the mixing of rock and electro and punk bands that have DJs, it’s all acceptable and it’s perfect timing for us”

This is “I’ll Walk Alone” lots of yummy dub goodness…

Worth A Listen

Websites can be found at and

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