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I first heard this band as the soundtrack to a video about a paper character and Escher like optical illusions by Eugen Erhan. The featured song is the most memorable part of the video – atmospheric, melodic and quite hypnotic and at the same time sharp and experimental.

The singer has a trace of an accent and I wondered if I could find more about this band. Lo and behold – imagine my surprise to find that Tiamat rose from the death metal scene in Sweden in the late 1980’s. Woah – didn’t expect that. The original band “Treblinka” reformed as Tiamat with a new musical philosophy and new influences. The band seems to have undergone several subsequent transformations with the only original member officially listed as Johan Edlund.

The soundtrack mentioned above and available below comes from Tiamat’s 1994 debut album “Wildhoney” and is called “Do You Dream of Me?”.

They have a swag of albums listed including their new album “Amanethes”, which remains a mystery because their official website is under construction and thus missing in action.

Meanwhile the available material on YouTube and MySpace is from previous releases. I don’t have a problem with this because I love this kind of gothic, less extreme metal music complete with wailing guitars, demonic vocals and electronica. Here is my current fav. “Cain”.

The current lineup is Johan Edlund on Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Theremin, Thomas Wyreson – Guitar, Anders Iwers – Bass and Lars Sk├Âld – Drums. Give them a try – you may be surprised. Go to myspace.com/tiamat to find out more.

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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