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Alejandro Lerner

Alejandro Lerner is an Argentine super pop musician. At school he learnt piano and his career began at the age of 17 when he was invited to play in a band with popular Argentine musician Raul Porchetto and his band. Lerners popularity rose when he formed his own band and began to write rock ballads. Thirty years later he is the acknowledged voice of Argentine popular music.

He has written a swag of classic songs, many of them hits in the Latin world. He has broadened his musical horizons by moving to the States. He has earned the respect of his peers and continues to woo a huge Latino audience. He has written music for television, won awards and released numerous (and I’m not kidding) recordings.

His voice is light, melodious and easy to listen to as is his music. It neither challenges nor offends, it just is. The website for Alejandro Lerner autoplays samples of his songs. If you check out his discography there are samples from each recording. They give you a taste of his tasteful music. Expect anything from lounge through to soft rock.

Here he is with the promo video for “Dentro De Me” which is on his 2003 release “Buem Viaje”.

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