BiggaBush/Lightning Head

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BiggaBush/Lightning Head

Glyn “Bigga” Bush is an indie producer and DJ from the South West of England. His two main projects BiggaBush and Lightning Head reflect his love of dub reggae, Brazilian rhythms and Afro-Cuban beats and he has produced two albums “Studio Don” (Best Seven/Sonar Kollektiv) and “BiggaBush Free” (Stereo Deluxe) as well as many remixes (Tapper Zukie, Tosca, Up Bustle & Out).

Over at latest album project “13 Faces of Lightning Head” is a mix of afrobeat, deep funk, reggae and ethiopic grooves and is seriously addictive.

BiggaBush’s DJ stuff uses virtually any style of music to create interesting grooves, from jungle to boogaloo, from dubstep to breakbeat. But more importantly for me, he fronts a 16-piece percussion group, the Magic Drum Orchestra, which plays a wide range of grooves including samba, batucada, samba reggae, afrobeat, bembe, dancehall and funk.

DJ Fitchie & Joe Dukie of Fat Freddy’s Drop get the BiggaBush and Lightning Head treatment. Visuals by Schmooz and Grainy One

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