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Pete Murray

Pete Murray has a new album out. It’s called “Summer at Eureka” and listening to it for the last couple of days has convinced me that it is his best work to date. This album is a keeper.

By the time Brisbane born Pete Murray released his independent 2002 debut album “The Game” he was developing his gentle introspective song style and after the release of his first commercial release “Feeler” on Sony BMG he was ready to take the Australian music industry and music buying public by storm.

Well earned success followed to the point of overexposure but this mainstream star has retreated to the bush to rest, write and record after touring extensively both at home and abroad. Settling into domestic life with his family has obviously been good for him. In a recent interview he explained that he challenged himself to write an uptempo, positive album and would pull himself up whenever he felt himself slipping into melancholy.

Recorded in his home studio to overcome the usual shortcomings of recording commercially, he has managed to pull off a lovingly crafted album that sounds intimate and slick. With a voice that catches in just the right places and a bunch of versatile musicians, Pete Murray and band make for fine listening.

‘Capturing that spark and recording the songs in a great sounding room where everyone felt comfortable is what Summer At Eureka is all about.’ Helping out at these casual sessions were friends like Darren Middleton of Powderfinger and Murray’s long-time live band of Ben McCarthy on keys, Andy Sylvio on drums and bassist Jonathan Zion.

An album bursting with singles like the title track “Summer At Eureka” or the uplifting and gently wurlitzer washed “King Tide” and of course the first official single below “You Pick Me Up”.

His website is located at and yes he has got a MySpace site. He’ll be touring Melbourne later in the year but check out his current tour list – maybe he will be playing in your part of the world.

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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