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I really like Picastro, I mean how can you go past a band that classes themself as Gothic / Other / Folk (I must admit though I have been thinking about what a Gothic Folk band would sound like and It’s tempting)

Picastro is a Canadian sleep-rock (who knows… I prefer the Gothic Folk tag myself) band from Toronto, currently consisting of vocalist Liz Hysen, cellist Nick Storring and drummer Brandon Valdivia. Past members included Evan Clarke, Rachel McBride, Owen Pallett, Stephanie Vittas, Kurt Newman, Alex McLeod and Zak Hanna.

I spotted them while rummaging around at Amie STreet and was taken with Picastro’s dark orchestral soundscapes and creative use of dissonance. There is stuff in here ranging from gypsy field recordings, Greek rembetika, Russian folksongs, Faces al the way through to Black Sabbath

YouTube video of Hortur…

There are a couple of downloads available over at www.last.fm/music/Picastro

So the short version is… another “hard” listening band but worth it. Recommended

www.myspace.com/picastro and www.polyvinylrecords.com/

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