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Those of you who saw “Spinal Tap will remember the priceless scene where Nigel is showing of his guitar and amp collection and tells Riener that the amp goes to eleven which is one more than ten and so it has to be louder because it one more than ten (Love your logic Nigel).

Well Nigel, you’re wrong. Today’s band is called “Times New Viking” and they use eleven as the opening bid and just get louder from that point on. Now trust me on this one, if loud thrashy distorted guitars and vocals aren’t your idea of a good time then “Move along please… nothing to see here” BUT if you are even a tad intrigued by border condition possibilities than I may have a band for you. Another of my “Hard Listening” bands.

Times New Viking is a lo-fi indie rock band from of Columbus, Ohio. The line up consists of guitarist Jared Phillips, drummer Adam Elliott, and Beth Murphy on keyboards. Murphy and Elliott share vocal duties. They are currently signed to Matador Records and were formerly signed to Siltbreeze Records. They have released three records: 2005’s Dig Yourself, 2007’s Present the Paisley Reich, and 2008’s Rip It Off, which NME gave an 8/10. They are notable for their very loud, rough sound.

Boy is that understatement, I will be honest and say I couldn’t live with this on the MP3 player for any great length of time but I do like what they are doing. I like that it is grungy and sounds distorted and DIY lofi.

In an age where perfection is available at the touch of a button, where “pretty” songs save TV the problem of dealing with emotional bit (they obviously missed the “picture worth a thousand words memo) a band like Times New Viking has a lot to say about popular music and they are writing pop songs. Take away the fuzz and distortion and there are some nice ideas in there and a couple of really great guitar hooks. Are they a “noise” band? Maybe? But I know that they are having a great time making music and that comes through in the performance. And beside I always like a band that classes themselves as “Other”

Matador Records has a free MP3 at www.matadorrecords.com/mpeg/times_new_viking/times_new_viking_drop-out.mp3

Worth a listen (at least one… go on… you know you want to)

Website at www.myspace.com/timesnewviking

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