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By • Jul 23rd, 2008 • Category: Alternative, Music, Rock
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Oh dear it’s nostalgia time again, I will swear I grew up listening to and playing this style of music (nowhere near as well as these guys though). Awesome Color are “psychedelic noise merchants” that’s what it says.  So we have lots of guitar and one of the best power trio’s I have heard for ages.

Cast an ear over some of the tunes at MySpace, these guys are managing to slip in all sorts of stuff, punk, garage band, some evil sound hooks that will have you playing air guitar along with them in eyeblink. There is is only one tiny drawback I have found so far… they dont sound good when you play them quietly in the background.

This music is not going to sit quietly down the bottom of the playlis. No way. This is music that is going to grab the volume control by the throat and try and push it past eleven.

I have to say it works for me. Here is a video of Free Man…

The band has only been together a short while so I expect we will be hearing plenty more of them.

Highly Recommended (turn it up to eleven… you know you want to)

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