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With a name like “Highland” I think I could be forgiven for not expecting a German electronica hip hop band.

Add to the country of origin, they rap in english and sing in english, italian and latin. No lack of confusion there – hip hop meets Europop. What is clear though is that they are really interesting to listen to; melodic, challenging and with a solid hip hop groove.

The track that caught my ear and has since been on high rotation is the slick epic number called “Se Tu Vuoi” – listen and also enjoy the atmospheric scenery provided by the east Scottish coastline and Dunotter castle.

Wikipedia has an entry for them and in part it reads:

Band members are the singer Nicole Heiland and the rappers Dean Burke and Patrice “Lady Scar” Gansau. Their music is written and produced by Mike Michaels, Mark “MM” Dollar and Mark Tabak, who are also behind the artists and bands such as Music Instructor, The Boyz and Ayman. Dean Burke has also worked with Music Instructor and Lunatics. Highland as a group however existed only for a few years.

Head over to their website and have a listen to the three tracks on offer there. My pick is “Veni Vidi Vici” – it’s eminently danceable.

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