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DragonForce folks, what can I say. It’s metal time. And there’s guitars, lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of guitars. I have been listening to “Through the Fire and Flames” and it is just fabulous.

DragonForce’s music is just full of yummy, fast (blindingly fast), twin-guitar harmonies, songs that leave you feeling pretty up (as opposed to some of the weirder Northern European death metal dudes) and lyrically they feature some truly epic themes. Oh yeah apart from being able to understand more than two words in a song, they throw in layers of vocals (just in case you missed the “epic” bit, over at their MySpace site there is a track called “Heroes of Our Time” that will give you the idea) where was I? Oh yeah there is a keyboard or two and one of the best rhythm sections I have heard for a while. The bass and drums just pin down the bottom of this band so that every body else can run around like lunatics and not look stupid.

Although the band takes their musicianship seriously, they do not embody the themes in their music. In an interview with Metal Hammer, guitarist Herman Li has stated “Oh no, it’s completely serious, we have fun doing it…”. DragonForce’s influences are drawn from various kinds of metal such as melodic styles of rock, and in particular video games such as “Wonder Boy in Monster World”, and the Final Fantasy series, with lyrics comparable to themes present in fantasy games.

I think they have nailed the genre perfectly, “extreme power metal” describes it exactly. Here is the video for “Through the Fire and Flames”…

Exhausted? Sort of explains the “extreme power metal” tag. These guys have been on my MP3 player for a while now and they always brighten up the day. I love the crafting of the twin lead bits, Herman and Sam fit together like a glove.

Here’s the good news for those of us in Australia. They’re touring…
Wed 22nd Oct – Perth – Metropolis Fremantle
Fri 24th Oct – Adelaide – HQ
Sat 25th Oct – Melbourne – Forum Theatre
Mon 27th Oct – Brisbane, Tivoli Theatre
Tue 28th Oct – Sydney – The Metro

Extremely Highly Recommended.

Websites at www.myspace.com/dragonforce and www.dragonforce.com/

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