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SKILDA is a Celtic Electronic “Drums and Bass” outfit who are incredibly frustrating. The music is fabulous. It’s trying to find out stuff about them that drives you crazy.

Here is some hype I found…

Their groundbreaking music incorporates many contemporary sounds, from pulsing synths and crunching rock guitars to soaring solos which draw on the best of progressive rock whilst at the same time hounouring the rich Celtic music traditions – think Afro Celts meets Ozric Tentacles meets Capercaillie meets Yes!

Wild and way out, yet with the strongly defined tang of the Isles, this is what you need for a rave with class – howling pipes, screaming guitars, thundering bass, and an almighty good rhythm set up! Some sets written by the band, some traditional songs played at a new angle.

Here is a video that will give you some idea of why I am intrigued by the band, the is called “He Mandu” and no I have no idea what i means…

This is “Freedom Futre”, I just love the pipes…

Definitely check out the songs over at, especially if you are a fan of AfroCelt or Capercaillie.

Good Stuff… recommended.

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