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HOT HORNS + HEAVY PERCUSSION“, thats what it says on the Nomo Myspace site. Oh yes, do they live up to it. Minimalist keyboard loops, fuzzed-out bass, the odd soulful vocal, and then there’s the electric mbira (a Zimbabwean thumb piano also known in parts of Southern Africa as a kalimba), an electric sawblade gamelan (I am not making this up) and the horns. Have a listen to one of their early pieces Better Than That and just let those glorious brass sound take you away.

Here’s some hype…

“World music, jazz, electronica, Afrobeat…I hope that we don’t get marginalized by any of these terms. We are an American band, and in our hearts I think we’re more of a rock band than anything else, but we do love so many different types of music,” says band leader Elliot Bergman. “We have a set of musicians, and we are trying to organize our sounds in a way that represents ourselves. We’re not trying to make a record that sounds like it was recorded in the 70’s and we’re not trying to make anybody think that this was recorded in Nigeria. We’re not trying to fool anybody, and especially not ourselves! This is our music. It is full of life, full of emotion. It’s funky, danceable, weird, heavy, exuberant, angry, joyous and raucous,” he adds.

NOMO Live session from Svetlana legetic on Vimeo.

OK, I have to own up, I found these guys totally by accident. I was actually looking for a sadly defunct Irish band called “Nomos” and owing to the vagaries of Google (No, my typing had nothing to do with the S going missing), I found this band. What a find. I would truly love to see these guys play live.

Highly Recommended and

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