Vivian Girls – Wild Eyes

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This is about the Vivian Girls from New York NOT the Melbourne band (deceased around 2000? then resurrected as Flesh and Venom). It’s a bit weird really because both acts have a solid punk ethos at the core of their music.

Now let’s not kid around here, this isn’t “Idol” sanitised pop that they are playing, this band’s music veers towards discordant excess, no-nonsense songs full of noise but some really intriguing vocals and harmonies. So if you don’t like punk I would move along but if you feel that music is all getting a little tame checkout “Wild Eyes”, it has become a real favourite with it’s demented spaghetti-western feel.

The guitars and bass are great, but the drummer is just perfect, anchoring all this sound with a really solid feel. Have a listen to some live stuff I found at YouTube…

Though this band’s songs are short, there is a lot going on. They may play fast but they aren’t in a hurry.

Recommended for the more adventurous amongst you.

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