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A few months back I did a piece on the Scottish band Dòchas, Jenna is their phenomenal fiddler. She released her second solo album called “The Laughing Girl” earlier this year and the title track is the one I have been playing on the MP3 player. Everytime it shows up I find myself taken back to Shetland, there really is a unique quality to players from Shetland and  I am really taken with Jenna’s effortless style. It’s a true joy to listen to. Head over to and have a listen, see what you think.

Here is some background stuff…

Hailing from Shetland, Jenna grew up immersed in the islands rich fiddle tradition. At the age of nine, she began to learn the fiddle, and was taught by the late Dr Tom Anderson. When fiddle tuition became available in schools, Jenna studied with the late Willie Hunter and was under his direction until the age of 13; during that time she was a prominent prize-winner in the ‘Shetlands Young Fiddler of the Year Competition’ and by the age of 14 had won both the intermediate and open sections of this annual competition.

On leaving school, Jenna went on to study a BA in Traditional Scottish Music at the Royal Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow. Whilst studying fiddle, she also played piano and piano accordion, as well as being introduced to singing.

Here is a performance video from YouTube…

Highly Recommended

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  1. Yep, she is good. Here’s another clip of Jenna Reid, this time fiddling and singing with Julie Fowlis at the Transatlantic Sessions:

    On a similar note, this time from Ireland, check out Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh:

    I wish we had such folk musicians here in Oz…

  2. I’d just like to echo Michelle’s sentiment… wish we had folk musicians of this calibre in South Africa too!

    Thank you for the information on Jenna.

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